SIGNA BODISHBAUGH writes from her heart, personal examples, and years of ministering to people around the world seeking wholeness. She and her husband, Conlee, founded "The Journey to Wholeness in Christ" ministry in 1992 and have helped thousands of men and women find and live into their God-given potential. They have held conferences in states around the U.S. and in Canada, Israel, Rwanda, The Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, and Czech Republic. No matter what circumstances people around the world deal with, Signa likes to say, "We are all healed the same way!"  The path to finding one's true self in God is found in all of Signa's books
     Signa loves cooking, in fact, for her, it is therapy. She is always trying new things. Her family says, "If you like something she cooks, enjoy it in the present moment. You may never have it again!" She tends backyard herb and vegetable gardens, essential in cooking for the freshest ingredients.
     She also loves to paint. Watercolor is her favorite medium, but she dabbles in acrylics and painting furniture.


     She worked in the catering industry for several years, specializing in elegant dinner parties and weddings.  "Going into people's homes to cater an event for them is amazingly revealing. The stress of entertaining  either brings out the worst or the best in people. I've seen blow-up fights between husbands and wives ten minutes before their first guest arrives. More than once I had to be a marriage counselor as well as the caterer."

     Her favorite place (besides home) is Tuscany. "When asked to describe my happy place, I always see myself sitting on a hillside near Greve, overlooking rows of olives ready to be harvested. I feel the cool grass on my bare feet and think I could stay in this little rented villa forever."

      Over the years Signa and Conlee have had nine Labs. Each one had a unique personality, a captivating personal story, and a great name: Charlie Brown, Lucy, Bob, Sunshine, Holly, Moses, Emma, Asher, and Ramsey. Along the way, they've also had a white poodle and a terrier, both named Snoopy.

     After completing her first manuscript, The Journey to Wholeness in Christ, she lost the whole thing into cyberspace. It was never recovered. Out of the ashes came a much better format and the launch of a new career. "I now love auto-backup!"