Signa Bodishbaugh is the author of Camp MimiThe Journey to Wholeness in Christ, Illusions of Intimacy, and Divine Conversations. Her books are translated into Dutch, German, and Czech. Since 1992, Signa and her husband, Conlee, have led conferences in many countries through their ministry called "The Journey to Wholeness." They presently live in northwest Arkansas, surrounded by family and two black Labs.


You, as a reader of Camp Mimi, are in for a delightful, informative and profound journey. Signa Bodishbaugh’s creative experiences with her grandchildren, coupled with her wit, theological depth, wisdom, and profound revelation, results in this work being a guide for grandparents, a Bible study for small groups, a cookbook for culinary students and cooks everywhere, a study in weather patterns, a background source of Jewish and biblical history, plus so much more. Written in language that can be understood by all ages, it is a must read for all who are or hope to be grandparents, parents and all children with reading skills. Read on…you will be blessed.
— Pastor Tommy Briggs Gateway Church, Southlake, Texas USA


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